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Kaselehlie and Welcome to the New Edition of the Official Website of the 8th Pohnpei Legislature.

We are proud and pleased to inform our constituencies and the general public that we have provided a greater access to government information and transparency in the operations of the Legislature through the use of this website and its resources. The use of this site will enable you to find necessary informations on proposed bills and enactments, resolution, committee report, messages, and communications, legislative calendars, senatorial contacts, information as well as other activities of the legislative process. Follow status of bills and resolution and get to know you senators as well. A well-informed citizenery will contribute immnsely to an effective representative and participationary government.

As Speaker of the Eight Pohnpei Legislature, I will continue the effort in the enhancement and advancement of information technology for greater government transparency. We certainly welcome your comments to improve this official website.


Peter M. Lohn
Speaker 8th Pohnpei Legislature