The Micronesian Alliance
Aritos Introduces Bill for Faichuk Statehood

March 18, 2005

The Micronesian Alliance

FSM CONGRESS, Palikir - FSM congressman Twiter Aritos, representing Faichuk, last month introduced bill 13-200, to approve the admission of the State of Faichuk as the fifth state of the Federated States of Micronesia.

More than what it took the Jews of olden Israel to reach their Promised Land, Canaan, Faichuk has come a long way for its quest to be independent of Chuuk. It has struggled for now more than 40 years.

Faichuk has the biggest land mass in the FSM's most populated and dilapidated State, and hosts the grave of the legendary sea-walker Nimmwes, who was sunk in Udot, home of Chuuk's first governor under the first Compact of Free Association and mayor Erhart Aten who was lost at sea in the latter part of 2004.

If the FSM Congress approves the bill through all procedural requirements of the FSM Code, Faichuk will become the fifth State of the FSM by January 1, 2006. The islands, or municipalities, of Eot, Udot Fonueisom, Romanum, Fanapanges, Tolensom, Oneisom, Paata Tupunion and Polle make up Faichuk. They are in order of their proximity to the Chuuk administrative island of Weno. The marine space of 200 nautical miles will be measured outward from appropriate baseline.

Faichuk has already ratified its Constitution through a November 28, 2000 plebiscite, which, according to the bill, shall come into force three (3) years after the granting of statehood.

"This is going to give the people of Faichuk a chance to spend their monies directly in Faichuk," declared one Faichukese. Compact I monies for Faichuk - in the millions - were not spent in Faichuk, and apparently, the islands of Faichuk lack even the basic infrastructures like roads, education and health facilities, electrical power, an airport and so on.