The Micronesian Alliance
FSM Police Raid Former Weno Mayor's Home

March 29, 2005

The Micronesian Alliance

SEFIN, Weno - Four Federated States of Micronesia police officer at the beginning of this month went to former Weno Mayor Freddie Nifon's residence in the capitol island's most populated village of Sefin (formerly known as Mwan) and knocked on the heavyweight's door.

Three of Nifon's granddaughters went to investigate the knocks. The national police asked if they could talk to Nifon. "He is asleep", came the reply.

The law enforcement officers handed one of the girls a search and seizure warrant for Nifon. The girls went back and handed their grandfather the document. Nifon at the time was lying flat in the living room of his concrete home. Realizing how serious the matter was, Nifon immediately invited the police officers in.

Wasting no time, the FSM police officers collected Nifon's computer system and some software programs and scurried away. The reason for the warrant was not made clear.

One of the Chuuk FSM national police officers promised this shark-infested reporter that he would provide him with a copy of the warrant. As of the reporting deadline of this writing, the warrant has not been obtained.

Nifon was still reeling from exhaustion and depression when he lost his recently acquired seat as one of Northern Namoneas' representatives to the Chuuk House of Representatives.

Nifon had served briefly as one of the five representatives to the two-year term from Chuuk's administrative island of Weno when Governor Ansito Walter "plucked" him and landed him in the seat that was left vacant after representative Chirikar Ueda passed away, a few months shy of the March 8 elections.