The Micronesian Alliance
First Protestant Pastor in Chuuk Ordained as Bishop
Dr. Hanser Reynold is installed in a ceremony attended by numerous dignitaries on Tonoas Island.

May 15, 2005

The Micronesian Alliance

TONOAS ISLAND, Chuuk - More than a thousand people witnessed the installation and ordination of Reverend Dr. Hanser Reynold as the first Protestant Bishop in Chuuk state of the FSM on a breezy, sunny day in the beautiful and peaceful Chuuk Lagoon.

Present were a host of local and international dignitaries, including former Governor Ansito Walter, Bishop Mark Burke from the U.S. and Bishop Marc Dalusung from the Philippines. Walter, in a brief remark concerning the event, expressed praise. "It marks a historical event in Chuuk as well as the FSM in that it is the first installation and ordination of a bishop on the protestant side," stated Walter. The former Governor noted that the new Bishop Reynold is "indeed a man of peace and a man of vision."

The site of the event could as well be as close a vision of heaven as there is on earth, where the blue sea meets the blue sky and nothing but happy smiles and a languid pace from all of those present. Bishop Burke, who administered the ordination, delivered a few words on the characteristics of leadership. "The word 'bishop' means 'overseer'," said the stateside pastor. "When we see this term we often think of the pastor and other leaders in the church. The role of leadership in the church is not for everyone, because everyone does not qualify, yet making the characteristics of leadership our goal will help us live Godly lives."

Burke said that a leader is consistent in behavior, conscientious at home, conditioned by experience and complimented by outsiders. "Church leaders should not be elected because they are popular," added Burke, "nor should they be allowed to push their way to the top. Instead, they should be chosen because of their respect for the truth and the people, both in what they believe and in how they live."

Several symbols and emblems of the Bishop - a robe, a ring, a shepherd's staff and the Bible - were given as examples of authority during the ceremony. Bishop Reynold was pleased with the installation and smiling throughout. Reynold has worked nearly his entire life toward youth and religious endeavors.

He was the founder of the Nukuno Elementary School in 1979, the founder of the Nukuno Christian High School in 1998 and the founder of Rainbow Bible College in 2004. Reynold has been a teacher, principal and counselor in different schools for 33 years. He is also a member of the Pacific Conferences of Churches, the World Christian Communication Association, the Micronesian Bible Society and Vice President of the Micronesian Pastor Association, amongst others.