Business and homes searched in Chuuk

February 17, 2005

The Kaselehlie Press

WENO, Chuuk - On January 28, 2005 the FSM National Police executed search warrants on AWM Enterprises (formerly known as ASA Company) and several residences in Chuuk State.

The warrants, issued a few days earlier by Associate Justice Martin Yinug, found that probable cause had been shown to believe that evidence was at those locations relating to an investigation of the criminal offenses of money laundering, criminal conspiracy, illegal shipment and delivery of firearms and dangerous devices, theft against the national government, and other financial crimes.

People observing the search said that it took the National Police four days to completely search the buildings at AWM and that many boxes and several filing cabinets were seized as evidence of the crimes under investigation.

While sources involved in the investigation said they could not comment on the searches because the investigation is ongoing, the KP has learned that one arrest was made and criminal charges have already been filed against one of the suspects, Steve Mori. According to a Criminal Compliant filed in the FSM Supreme Court on February 1, 2005, Case Number 2005-1500, Mori was charged with the illegal possession and importation of firearms and ammunition. Mori has already appeared in Court with his lawyer, Wesley Simina and has been released on bond until his trial.