New COM-FSM president selected

March 03, 2005

The Kaselehlie Press

The College of Micronesia -FSM Board of Regents selected Spensin James as the new president of the school recently. James had been the acting interim president since March of last year.

A search committee comprised of COM-FSM staff, faculty, board members, and students narrowed the selection from more than 40 applicants. Following the selection process, James effectively became the college's president on January 27.

James has worked for COM-FSM for more than 27 years, holding various administrative and instructional positions. He was vice-president for instructional affairs for 12 years before assuming his duties as the president. James also spent 15 years as a math and science instructor when he also served as division chair.

The board of regents said it looks forward to working with James in his capacity as president of hte college. James earned his bachelors of science degree in chemistry at Rocky Mountain College in Montana in 1974. He then earned his masters of science in biology at the University of Guam in 1982. James is currently working to receive his doctorate degree in educational leadership from the University of San Diego, having earned 32 of the 60 required credits.

James move to Madolenihmw at a young age after being born in Pingelap. he and his wife Ledihna have five children. Two are currently enrolled at COM-FSM, two are attending universities in the U.S. and one is currently serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.