International Women's Day celebration draws crowd

March 17, 2005

The Kaselehlie Press

On March 8, 2005 at the PICS Track & Field, a celebration was held by various women's organizations of Pohnpei to celebrate International Women's Day. Unlike the previous years, this year's celebration was slightly different. International Women's Day was celebrated with competitions in dancing and other categories such as the biggest farm raised crops. Scores were kept to determine winners. This year, no scores were taken and each group presented a speech followed by a song. Each speaker was given to talk on how the existence of the group she represents came to being.

The participants of this year's International women's Day celebrations include the Madolenihmw women organization, the Developing Skills Organization of Women (DSOW), U Council of Women in Action, Dolonier Women Association, Lien Kolonia, Pohnpei Ladies Club, EMPWA, Lielehle Pohnsapw, Lien Education, Lien Alem and Mercedes who hosted this years celebrations. While Pohnpei women celebrates international women's day, they were also highlighting the year's theme "Katehlapahla oh Kadaila marain en lih," meaning expand and broaden the knowledge of women.