Pohnpei state and municipal police officers undergo basic training exercises

March 17, 2005

The Kaselehlie Press

KOLONIA, Pohnpei - Pohnpei State Police recently had their own "Refresher Course Training" for the new recruiters from the Municipal Police Officers last month. This three weeks training started February 1 to the 18. Pohnpei State Police Officer Patrick Carl was the training instructor, he participated in a training that was held in Fiji, and so it was a requirement for him to conduct his own training here in Pohnpei. Assisting the training were Attorney General Etwel Santos, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Fenon, Detective Lt. Alexander Phillip, Detective Sergeant Hermis Edmond, Detective Iakopus John, Detective Ricky Rodriquez, and Deputy Chief of Police Tony Pernet.

According to Chief of Police Joe Roby, "All twenty one participants demonstrated tremendous improvement in their knowledge of police work and each was awarded with a certificate of completion". Chief Roby said "we didn't bring someone from the outside to do the training, and it's our first time to do our own training." Chief Roby added that they only do the training when there are new recruits and he also mentioned that they will be having training in the near future. "There were two new female recruits from Kolonia Town Police department and they were very aggressive and motivated and I would like to see more of that." The two female officers are Officer Stephanie Ladore and Officer Dania Olter.

Former Police Major Frank Semens was there to volunteer in the training that included marching, saluting, Patrol procedures, and Police powers on how to arrest, search, and how to use force when necessary.

Officers who participated include Peterieko Victor (Pohnpei State), Jackson Joseph (Pohnpei State), Jeff Mathias (Pohnpei State), Jimmy Peter (Pohnpei State), James Edgar (Pohnpei State, Jordan Ardos( Pohnpei State, Youpert Hernest(MC), Eugene Eperiam (MC), Rottson Route (Kolonia Town), Serena Seiola (Kolonia Town), Nixon Alden (Kolonia Town), Welsin Doses (Kolonia Town), Stephenie Ladore (Kolonia Town), Dania Olter (Kolonia Town), Rodlage Johannis (Nett Municipal), Herbert Hairens (Nett Municipal), Patrick Gallen (UH Municipal), Jones Roby (Sokehs Municipal), Nelson Syne (Sokehs Municipal), Watson Santos (Madelonimw Municipal Police), Molden Henly(Kitti Municipal Police).