May 12, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

Pohnpei State Governor Johnny P. David and the elected leadership of Pohnpei had discussed the upcoming FSM Games for this year and the result shows that Pohnpei is willing to host this year's FSM games. However, the sports facilities on the island are in need of maintenance and repair according to David in his letter to President Joseph J. Urusemal, the FSM National Government. "If, however, the FSM Government believes it can utilize our sports facilities with their present conditions to host the FSM Games, you may do so," David invites the FSM. He added that the $250,000 that were appropriated in Yap and $50,000 recently appropriated in Pohnpei for the FSM Games are sufficient if the States are paying for the transportation of their participants to and from Pohnpei.

Talks of the FSM Games are already begun, but there has been no date selected for the Games yet. From the Social Affairs Office, the KP has learned that the Director Bender Enicar has already sent a nomination list of the organizing committee to the Office of the Governor, but he have not hear from the Governor regarding the matter. The organizing committee is responsible for setting a date for the Games, but because the committee members are still unknown, the date has not been set yet.

In regards to the date, David points out in his letter that some of the participants of the South Pacific Mini-Games, which will be held in Palau during July/August 2005, are also participating in the FSM Games, therefore the FSM Games cannot be held the same time frame as the South Pacific Mini-Games, and Pohnpei is willing to delay the school schedule for one week during the school year for the FSM Games.

Urusemal thanked the Governor and the elected leadership of Pohnpei for their decision regarding the hosting of the 2005 FSM Games in a letter to the Governor. In the same letter, Urusemal states that he regrets to inform David however, that the FSM National Government currently faced budgetary constrains and therefore cannot provide any funding for the repair and maintenance of the Pohnpei sports facilities as David requested.

"It has been my understanding that costs of repair and upgrading of the sports facilities were going to be borne by Pohnpei State," stated Urusemal. However, Urusemal recommend that the Governor's Office consider forming an FSM Games Committee to work with the FSM's Sport Personnel and for them to advice the FSM as soon as possible on the status of works and the hosting of the 20058 FSM Games. According to Enicar, as soon as the committee is formed, a meeting will be held and the date for the FSM games will be set right away.