May 26, 2005

By Tom Burkindine
The Kaselehlie Press

Due to a problem with jet fuel purchased for use at the Kosrae airport, Continental Micronesia will not land on the island during two weekly flights.

Micronesia Petroleum Corporation purchased 500 metric tons of jet fuel from Korean-based SK Shipping for use by Continental Micronesia. However, when the fuel was tested, it did not meet Federal Aviation Administration standards. According to MPC Manager Weston Luckymis, the fuel's flashpoint was too low.

The Monday and Friday east-bound CO956 flight will over-fly Kosrae, flying directly from Pohnpei to Kwajelin until June 17, according to Art Day, manager of Continental Micronesia. Day said the date is only a preliminary estimate pending a usable refueling supply.

Currently, there are approximately 3,000 gallons of usable fuel in Kosrae, which will be used during the decreased flight schedule. "We want to be able to provide service to Kosrae because we have a responsibility to the region," Day said. Two additional tests are being performed on the fuel, one by MPC and another SK Shipping for insurance purposes. Luckymis said they are requesting a new supply from SK Shipping. All parties are attempting to locate the source of the fuel's contamination. MPC purchases jet fuel from both SK Shipping and Mobil Oil.