June 9, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

According to an Executive Proclamation, sport activities are one of the most effective avenues through which the people of the FSM can develop initiative, self-discipline, confidence and leadership skills in various specific sport activities regardless of their background. He went on and said that the accomplishments made by athletes in the field of sports reminds the people of the FSM the many benefits and of the importance of physical fitness for the people of all ages and abilities. "Sport activities draw people toward unity and encourage the athletes to display excellence and the virtues of sportsmanship, courage and endurance in their respective sport event," stated the governor.

He added that it has been the tradition for the FSM to hold FSM games and Pohnpei has been designated as the host of the upcoming Fourth FSM Games. To ensure the overall success of the Fourth FSM Games, it is important to designate a committee of selected individuals with competence to handle this type of event and to make sure that the Fourth FSM Games will be a meaningful event for Pohnpei and the rest of the FSM.

The Fourth FSM Games Organizing Committee, who shall oversee and facilitate the holding of the Fourth FSM Games to ensure its meaningful success, shall be headed by the overall chairman Bender Enicar and Co-chairman Finley Perman. The members are Rullens Philip, Director of the Department of Public Safety, Casiano Shoniber, Director of the Department of Education, Wincener David, Director of the Department of Health Services, Semensin James, Budget Officer, Shelten Neth, Executive Director of Health Care Plan, Jim Toin, National Olympic Committee (NOC), Judy Mauricio, NOC, Ringlen Ringlen, COM-FSM, Henry O. Saimon, Public Affairs, and Dr. Rufino Mauricio who will be representing the FSM Department of HESA. They are the members of the Fourth FSM Games Organizing Committee.

The result of the first meeting of the organizing committee shows two proposed dates for the Fourth FSM Games to take place and the two dates are the first week of November or the first week of December. A meeting is set for June 16 according to Enicar and he hopes by the meeting will produce a set date for the Fourth FSM Games.

Enicar said that if funding will be available, they would use it to renovate the tennis court and the track & field. The other facilities are ready to be use for the Fourth FSM Games and Pohnpei look forward to hosting this years FSM Games.