June 23, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

The Honorable Costantino Oyama, Pwoudlepen Nett, Nahnmwariki en wein Nett passed away on Saturday evening, June 18, 2005 in the surgical ward Section of the Pohnpei State Hospital.

The burial ceremony was held the next day, Sunday, June 19, 2005 and in attendance was Suzanne Hale, Ambassador of the United States of America, Sangoro U, Nahnmwariki en Weisohn U, Nahnpwutak Pikeniap, Nahnmwariki en wein Sokehs, Isonahniken U, Isonahniken Sokehs, Isonahniken Nett, Wasahi Nett and both the Oloiso and Serihso (traditional leaders) of Nett including all the Soumas en Kousapw of Nett Municipality. The Serihso, Nett, escorted the coffin to the burial site and Pohnpei State Police Officers assisted in the burial of the late Honorable Oyama, Pwoudlepen Nett, Nahnmwariki en wein Nett. Pohnpei State and Nett Municipality lowered flags to half-mast for four days to mourn for the late Nahnmwariki.

His successor, the Honorable Paulino Iriarte succeeded to the throne of Pwoudlepen Nett, Nahnmwariki en wein Nett after the burial ceremony on Sunday, June 19, 2005.