July 7, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

For months, people have wondered when the FSM Games is scheduled to take place. Many citizens throughout the FSM know that Pohnpei is hosting the Fourth FSM Games but to set a date required more planning because of the South Pacific Mini Games in Palau.

In a recent meeting, the Fourth FSM Games Organizing Committee finally agreed to have the Games from December 4 to 11, 2005. According to Organizing Committee Chairman Bender Enicar, they had to go for majority vote to set a date for the games and December 4 to 11 received votes from Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. Yap was the only State that did not vote with the set date but it was a matter of majority vote according to Enicar.

The reason for the Fourth FSM Games delaying to the end of the year is to allow athletes at least three months to prepare for the games according to Enicar. Most of the athletes who will be participating in the Fourth FSM Games are participating in the South Pacific Mini Games is a reason why the Games cannot be held during mid-year. The budget for the Fourth FSM Games from the FSM National Government is in the amount of $300,000.

Two of Pohnpei's sport facilities that are in need of major reconstruction are the tennis court and the track and field, but Pohnpei is responsible to come up with a budget for that reconstruction including small renovations for other facilities that may need renovation.

The FSM National Government is unable to assist Pohnpei in the matter due to financial difficulties. The Organizing Committee with the Pohnpei State Social Affairs Office is hoping that the Pohnpei Legislature will provide the needed budget and in time for the renovations of Pohnpei's sport facilities. Other than that, Pohnpei looks forward to welcome the athletes from the sister states as well as hosting the Fourth FSM Games