July 7, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

On July 1, 2005 an Oath of Office Ceremony was held at the conference room of the Pohnpei State Governor's Office for members of the Pohnpei Pension Plan Board, Pohnpei State Sports Commission and Pohnpei Ethics Commission who recently received advice and consent of the Pohnpei State Legislature.

Members who took oath of office for the Pohnpei Pension Plan Board were Goodwin Etse, Paulino Lambert, Cathleen Benjamin, Emric Lebehn and John William. Members who took oath of office for the Pohnpei State Sports Commission were Welsin Konsaka, Charles Edwin, Isaac Artui, Elias Rodriquez, Louis Santos and Maskie Jim. Members who took oath of office for the Pohnpei Ethics Commission were Akilino Lawrence, Tridel Elidok, Edgar Isaac, Jack Jack and Dickson Santos.

The ceremony was brief and each of the three boards/commissions had a representative who thanked the Governor and the Legislature for trusting that their knowledge and skills can be put to use in the development of Pohnpei. According to the Honorable Nelson N. Pelep, Speaker of the Sixth Pohnpei Legislature, the three boards/commissions that had recently took oath of office are three important boards/commissions with important tasks. The three will assist in guiding Pohnpei toward a better, brighter and sure future.

The Ethics Commission as Nelson puts it is the "Ilihl" or the steer who will help guide Pohnpei's work force in the right path. It is the commission's task to see to it that all areas of government are going in the right direction in relation to their area of work.

The Ethic Commission will have eyes on all areas of government and see to it that every area is in line with the laws and constitutions of Pohnpei.