July 21, 2005

By Masaleen Sehpin
The Kaselehlie Press

On July 8, 2005 Pohnpei State Governor Johnny P. David administered oath of office to the Pohnpei Police Commission, Land Use Planning and Zoning Commission, Pohnpei State Sports Commission, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation Board and Soil & Water Conservation Board. Those who took oath of office for the Pohnpei Police Commission were Henry Phillip, Emeliana Musrasik, Francisco Kantero and Itor Harris. Steve Hellen and Daniel Aisek took oath of office for the Land Use Planning and Zoning Commission while Sonster Hedgar and Nelberson Etse took oat of office and came on board the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation Board. Valentine Santiago, Glenn Harris, Prigida Seneres and Sentrik Pohl took oat of office for the Soil & Water Conservation Board while Leslie Ashby took oath of office for the Pohnpei State Sports Commission.

Pohnpei State Chief Justice Juda Johnny stated in his remarks after the administration of the oaths of offices to the new members that the above boards and commissions play important roles in the everyday life of the people in Pohnpei, as they deal with land, water, peace, light and fitness. Johnny believes that an individual need all the above to live a good life and he thanked the governor and the legislature for the nomination and the confirmation of all the members of the named boards and commissions.

Another oath of office ceremony took place on July 15, 2005 in the governor's conference room and those who took oath of office were Kikuo L. Apis to the post of Director of Economic Affairs, Benedic Allens and Herson Anson for the Economic Development Authority (EDA) Board and Nelson Arnorld, Akilina Sohram and Albert Falcam for the Foreign Investment Board. All who have taken oath of office were given certificates to show their confirmation to the posts they are now members of and all the posts had representatives who thanked to represent them and convey a big "Thank you" to the office of the governor and the Pohnpei State Legislature for their believing in their abilities to serve the Pohnpei State Government.