July 21, 2005

At its June 8-10, 2005 meeting, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, reviewed the Progress Report submitted by the College of Micronesia-FSM and the report of the evaluation team which visited the College April 11-15, 2005. The report was accepted; warning was removed; and accreditation reaffirmed. In her letter to President Spensin James, Dr. Barbara Beno, Executive Director of the Commission, wrote, "The visiting team noted and the Commission commends the college for its efforts in addressing the recommendations of the Commission. Although considerable work remains to be completed, extensive progress has been made, and the college community appears poised to continue its efforts."

Another Progress Report is due March 15, 2006, on the College's progress in addressing the original six recommendations, which are: 1) to develop and implement a collaborative process for communicating system-wide; 2) to develop, document, and implement an organization of administrative responsibilities across the six sites that ensures continuity in student support and instruction and gives a clear, consistent line of administrative authority; 3) after recommendations #1 and #2 are developed, documented, and implemented, to periodically and systematically evaluate them to facilitate a cycle of continued improvement; 4) to develop and implement college-wide integrated planning; 5) to develop and implement student learning outcomes across the six sites in order to determine the effectiveness of college programs and services on student learning; and 6) to standardize instruction, student services, learning environments, and quality of instruction across the six sites. Specific areas identified as requiring greater continuity are a written policy manual for the Board of Regents; full and part time hiring procedures, assignments appropriate to qualifications, and performance evaluations; delivery of comprehensive and consistent student services at all sites; and adequate facilities for instruction at all sites with Chuuk Campus cited as needing immediate attention. This report will be followed by another visit from the Accrediting Commission.

While elated with reaffirmation of accreditation, President James cautioned the college community that much work remains to fully address the concerns of the Accrediting Commission and requested the same spirit of cooperation and teamwork that got the College off warning for the work ahead.