September 01, 2005

By Tom Burkindine
The Kaselehlie Press

Members of the Pohnpei State Police Department received CPR and first aid training in August, part of an ongoing effort to better serve the people of Pohnpei.

Ricky Falcam, Hinden Alexander, and Wyner Louis volunteered to train the 16 policemen involved in the program The training lasted two days and was followed by certification testing. Chief Joe Roby, who was among those being trained, said the department hopes to certify all officers in CPR and first aid.

"This really helps us," Roby said. "Especially when dealing with emergency situations and assisting in saving lives." According to Falcam, the volunteers work through the Micronesian Red Cross Society and are available to members of the community who request emergency response training. He said he felt the training was a success and hopes to train more state policemen in the future.

"We are here to train those who request our help," Falcam said. "CPR, first aid, anything that can assist the community. Those officers who received training were Nickson Andon, Jordan Ardos, Alex Augustine, Shelden Hadley, Merrol Jano, Jackson Joseph, McGarry Ligorio, Bermance Ludnick, Jef Mathias, Jim Obed, Seder Obed, Salter Piuhs, Weltrickson Semens, Tony Pernet, James Edgar, and Roby.