"Most of the principle officers of Kosrae were shocked by our own findings of their financial status," FSM official says."

March 21, 2007

The Kaselehlie Press

Palikir, POHNPEI - The unofficial results of the recent 2007 National Elections indicate changes to the leadership of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

On March 6 2007, FSM voters went to the polls to decide on their State representatives to the National legislative body. According to unofficial results, Tuesday's national elections not only suggest the addition of two new faces to the FSM Congress, but more significantly it prescribed an unprecedented displacement of a current Legislative Body's presiding officers.

Unofficial results show current Speaker Peter M. Christian who relinquished his two-year seat to run against incumbent Resio S. Moses for Pohnpei's at-large or four-year seat was defeated. Newcomer Paliknoa K. Welly forced out Vice Speaker Claude H. Phillip from Kosrae's two-year seat, while Floor Leader Simiram Sipenuk lost his two-year seat to former Speaker Joe N. Suka of the Chuuk State Legislature.

In addition to the Congress Leadership, the Executive Branch was also affected by the recent elections in that the unofficial results showed Vice President Redley Killion defeated by incumbent Emmanuel (Manny) Mori for Chuuk State's at-large or four-year seat in Congress.

According to the unofficial results, the following candidates led with the most votes in their respective States:

The newly elected members would then be seated in May 2007 as the Fifteenth Congress of the FSM convenes its first Session. As provided for in the FSM Constitution, the President and Vice President would then be selected from among the at-large or four-year members of the FSM Congress, thus vacating their seats. Accordingly, those States with vacated seats would hold a special election to fill the vacated seats in Congress. Meanwhile the selection of the Presiding Officers of Congress depends on the members votes.

Final tally of the national elections are expected within the week, but official results will follow elections procedures which requires the certified results from state commissioners to be at the National Elections Office within seven days from Election date. The candidates are then given seven days after the filing to contest the certified results received at the National Elections Office. If no complaints are filed within seven days of the certified state results, the National Election Director certifies the tally as official results of the 2007 National Elections.