November 28, 2007

The Kaselehlie Press

Elections held on November 13 in Pohnpei have resulted in a runoff for the positions of Governor and Lt. Governor. Law requires that winners for those two positions acquire 50% plus one of the votes.

A runoff election will be held on December 11 between John Ehsa and Del Pangelinan for the position of Governor and between Churchill Edward and Kiomy Albert-Kilmede for the position of Lt. Governor.

The recent outlawing of "single-voting" seems not to have effected the Legislative races as some detractors felt that it would do. No runoffs for Legislative Representatives were necessary in any of the municipalities. Write-in votes were not utilized extensively to "force the issue" of the single-vote as many predicted would happen.

On the ballot in December will be a Constitutional amendment that would allow elected members of the Constitutional Convention to amend Pohnpei State's Constitution without the necessity of a public referendum.

Del Pangelinan 3724
Feliciano M. Perman 3078
Jack E. Yakana 2913
John Ehsa 6411
Rufino Mauricio 2922

Churchill B. Edward 7621
Estephan P. Santiago 2744
Kiomy Albert-Kilmede 4004
Norbert J.(Bert) Rodriquez 989
Solpisio T.(Solpihs) Salvador 1329
Yosuo M. Phillip 2257

Bellarmine B.Helgenberger 2092
Benskin B. Etse 839
Charles D. Johnson 1155
Naiten O. Phillip 1964
Nelson N. Pelep 2013
Nixon B. Soram 2655
Petrick Ringlen 1183
Shelten G. Neth 1837

District 2-Kitti (4)
Berney Martin 1675
Dahker D. Daniel 1764
Dickson H. Santos 986
Epert Mikel 1193
Francisco L. Ioanis 1565
Harold H. Peter 952
Luciano E. (Sano) Saimon 942
Martin Jano 1122
McGarry Miquel 1012
Thomas S. Pablo 1475
Tony Sarapio 1040%
Wincener J. David 1905

District 3- Sokehs (4)
Ande A. Setik 532
Ausen T. Lambert 2390
Magdelena A. Walter 2160
Max Lebehn 979
Peter M. Lohn 2065
Rainer Jimmy 805
Rensper M. Liwy 1925

District 4-NETT (2)
Albert Panuelo 960
Robert Nakasone 1528
Salter Loyola 1848

District 5-UH (2)
Aurelio P. Joab 1280
Francisco L. Cantero 1026
Ioseph M. Edgar 1137
Robert Andreas 578

District 6-Kolonia (2)
Antonio (Tony) Actouka 696
Fernando Scaliem 1154
Mario S. Abello 177
Marvin (Mabo) Yamaguchi 1265

Ishmael Lebehn 150
Johnson Annes Sepeti 118
Sailas J. Henry 117

District 8-PINGELAP
Nihlis Ernest 443
Stenson D. Solomon 362

District 9-SAPWUAFIK
Kenio Frank 125
Stevick A.Edwin 431

District 10-NUKUORO
Benjamin H. Ludwig 225
Sendilihna Lekka 172

Chester Saick 42
Edgar W. Lickaneth 190
Edward H. Miller 49
Stiwan Duiai 90