Five Hopefuls to Vie for Congress Seat

May 7, 2008

FSM Congress Information Office

Speaker Isaac V. Figir has received from the Office of the National Elections Director, the names of five candidates vying for the State of Chuuk's vacant seat in the 15th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

According to the National Elections Director, the following list have "met the requirements specified in Title IX of the FSM Code, therefore qualifying them as official candidates" for the national Special Election set for May 27, 2008:

Official candidates for Chuuk's National Election District Two (ED.2) representative to the FSM Congress are:

  1. Les D. Aidel
  2. Mark M. Mailo
  3. Roger S.Mori
  4. Tesime Kofot
  5. Tos A. Nakayama

Chuuk State's National Election District Two is the region referred to as Northern Namoneas which is comprised of Fonoton, Piis-Pannew and Weno. According to information from Office of the National Elections, the current number of registered voters for the National ED.2 is around 10,338 voters.

The number is however expected to increase following the closing dates noted in the Election Timetable.

The Director's letter to Speaker Figir also included an election time table which designated among other dates, the closing date for new registrations and open date to register travel votes will be Sunday - April 27th.

Office personnel have indicated that the office will be open accordingly to accept those noted registration forms.