February 03, 2010

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press

Peilapalap, Pohnpei, FSM - On Friday, January 23rd, Pohnpei's Governor John Ehsa suffered an as yet undefi ned malady and was taken by ambulance to Pohnpei State Hospital just before noon.

According to Lt. Governor Churchill Edward in an email received on the afternoon of the 25th, doctor's, concerned about the Governor's blood pressure level monitored his condition throughout the weekend and.

Lt. Governor Edward said that by Monday morning the Governor's blood pressure level had stabilized enough for doctors to begin considering a referral to the Philippines for further testing.

The Governor flew to the Philippines on Thursday, January 28 at which time Lt. Governor Edward became the Acting Governor.

Pohnpei's Public and Governmental Affairs Officer Hainrick Stevenson said that Governor Ehsa had been signing paper work and making decisions from his hospital bed at the State Hospital since Monday.

Lt. Governor Edward said "There is really nothing serious about his health. I think he just needed enough rest."

When asked if the Government had issued any press releases or notices to the public regarding Governor Ehsa's hospitalization, Stevenson, whose office would likely have been charged with doing so said that he didn't think that there had been a release and that we should consult the Governor's office.

Several government employees said that they had been briefed on the Governor's health but that they had been told that the contents of that briefing were "classified" and could not provide any answers to the press or anyone else.

Stevenson said that his offi ce should have some idea by early in the week of February 1st, how long the Governor will need to stay in the Philippines.