July 12, 2010

By FSM Information Services
The Kaselehlie Press

Palikir, Pohnpei (National Department of Education): July 7, 2010 - High School students in Kosrae have been enjoying the opportunity to build and operate their own robots in an extra-curricular activity organized by the Department of Education.

To start the robotics club, the Department purchased four Lego Mind-storms kits. These kits contain all the technology necessary for students to build a variety of robots and include a sophisticated programmable interface that connects the robots to a computer. The students can then write a program containing a sequence of commands to operate the robot.

Currently, high school students are working on a robot that can be programmed to detect and react to an obstacle in its path. Ultrasonic and touch sensors automatically send information back to the robot. The robot then reacts to this information by moving in a predetermined way. Small but powerful servo motors allow for precise movement.

The students in Kosrae are enjoying the technical challenges of building and operating a variety of sophisticated robots while also perfecting their problem-solving skills in computer programming, science and mathematics.

In the future, Kosrae robot club members hope to share their projects and compete with other teams in the FSM and beyond. They also plan to purchase more sophisticated robot-making kits.