April 4, 2011

By Donna Wrembeck
The Kaselehlie Press

On Saturday 19th March 2011, Yap State lost its highest ranking police officer when Chief of Police Morris Buchun passed away after a long battle with illness. Chief Buchun served in the Yap State Police Department of Public Safety for nearly 36 years, being the longest serving member in the history of the Yap State Police. October 21, 1975 to July 7, 2009.

Chief Buchun's body was taken from the family home on the afternoon of Tuesday 29 March to the Yap Mormon Church for a service with family, friends and those wishing to pay their respects. There was a large gathering at the church for a very dignified service very much like the man.

From the church, the funeral procession was given a full police escort. A police guard of honor escorted Chief Buchun to his final resting place. Police personnel gave a twenty one gun salute as a mark of distinguished respect of Chief Buchun. The State flag was presented to the family along with an official letter of appreciation for

Chief Buchun's dedication and service. Chief Buchun joined the service in October 21, 1975 as a Fireman 1, where he served for almost two years, on 30th January, 1977, he became a Yap Island Police Officer 1. In December 18 of 1977 he was promoted to the rank of Patrol Officer 3 with a quick succession of promotion through the ranks where in July 15, 1979 he was promoted from Patrol Officer 3 to Lieutenant. In October 1981 Chief Buchun was re-assigned to Fire Chief, where he held the position until August 7, 1997. He was promoted further within the ranks of Public Safety and was appoint to the senior rank of Police Captain. Chief Buchun was promoted to Chief on July 7, 2009. During his career within the Department he was widely regarded as a friend, teacher, and leader to the many number of officers that had passed through the department and to those who are left behind.

To those who had the honor to know Morris Buchun both as the family man and the Chief of Police all admired and commented on the same thing, when Chief made a decision he never backed down, he was resolute and stood by his choices. He admired discipline, and demanded it from his officers. He will be sadly missed by all those who have known him and worked with him.