August 8, 2011

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press

Pohnpei, FSM-Torrential rains threatened to put a damper on the recent Micronesian Chief Executive Conference (MCEC) in Pohnpei. The flight carrying several of the participants could not land in Pohnpei due to the heavy rains. Instead it over flew Pohnpei and deposited some of its passengers in Kosrae. It carried the rest to Majuro, Marshall Islands and made a rescue flight on the following day.

The meeting of Micronesian leaders was a historic event. Never have all of the Micronesian leaders assembled in the FSM and it has been several years since all of them have been able to gather in one place.

Leadership participants included Kosrae's Governor Lyndon Jackson, Republic of the Marshall Islands President Jurelang Zedkaia, Chuuk's Acting Governor Johnson Elimo, Guam's Governor Eddie Calvo, Saipan Governor Benigno Fitial, Yap Governor Sebastian Anefal, Republic of Palau's President Johnson Toribiong, Pohnpei's Governor John Ehsa, and FSM President Manny Mori.

The leaders sat through several presentations and discussed many topics in their meetings on July 27 and 28. On the final day a reception was held at the Australian Embassy Residence Compound. All of the leaders signed an outcome document during that evening.

Unfortunately communication within the FSM regarding the event or its outcomes was significantly less than perfect. Not only was no communication made with the FSM's only newspaper in advance of the event, but promised information on outcomes from the MCEC meetings still had not arrived by press time, a full week later, despite repeated phone calls to the responsible departments of the FSM government.

A meeting of all of the Micronesian Freely Associate States including the Presidents FSM, RMI, and ROP was held immediately following the MCEC. Similarly, promised results still have not arrived at The Kaselehlie Press.

Though the news will be old by the time we finally do get it we will endeavor to do a follow up in the next issue of The Kaselehlie Press.