March 7, 2011

By Amber Ham
The Kaselehlie Press

The Rotary Club of Pohnpei recently donated a computer cataloguing program, Small Library Pro Organizer, to Sekere Elementary School. Following a request by Amber Ham, the school's Peace Corps Volunteer, and school administration, the Rotary Club granted the donation at a meeting of both parties.

Improving the library has been a primary focus of Sekere Elementary for the past six months. In September, Ms. Ham, aided by the local community and school, revitalized the library's status as a center of learning. By October, Ms. Ham and her fellow teachers were implementing a library-based curriculum to the student body. With the newly donated software program, the library will be digitally catalogued, which will allow students greater access to researching the library's inventory. Moreover, the students and teachers will be able to search for books, reference materials, and resources using the newly donated software. Searching by title, author, subject, and keyword are just a few of the many perks of the software. These skills will heighten children's skill set at researching subjects, thus making them stronger competitors upon entering higher education.

Sekere wishes to convey its sincere gratitude to the Rotary Club for its donation in furthering its development as an educational facility.