September 05, 2011

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press

September 1, 2011 Pohnpei, FSM -At the Governor's Press Conference on August 22, Governor Ehsa said in response to a journalist's question, that he had released a call for expressions of interest for the development of a Micronesian Tourism Complex on public land in Madolenihmw. The notice expired on August 31.

Governor Ehsa said during his press conference that he had received two telephone calls expressing interest including one from the original proponent for the plan.

On the following week one of his staff members sent an email copy of a formal letter from Kerri M.L. Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of Unicorn Star International Holdings Limited, Hotung International Group expressing interest in participating in the development of the Complex.

"We are pleased to signify our interest in the development of Micronesian Tourism Complex with component to include the construction of a Five Star Hotel (consisting of no less than 300 rooms) and casino, golf course, duty free, and other resort amenities, with a minimum investment of USD150M," the letter said.

"Undeniably, it was through our proposal that a statute was passed by the legislature mandating the development of the complex. It was heartening that our waiting paid off."

"We will not arrogate unto ourselves (claim for ourselves) that the development will be awarded to us but submit ourselves to comply with the governmental rules and regulations by presenting a viable and realistic business plan, environmental impact study, social impact and the benefits by generating gainful employment and contribution to the national growth."

"We will then wait for your invitation to present and submit the foregoing," the letter concluded.

Governor Ehsa did not say who made the other mentioned phone call expressing interest in developing the Micronesian Tourism Complex. He did say that after the closing date for Expressions of Interest a task force would meet to consider the merits of all expressions.