April 07, 2014

The Kaselehlie Press

Pohnpei, FSM —This year’s Pohnpei and FSM Cultural Day kicked off with a musical competition for youth groups held at the Spanish Wall stage on March 30. On March 31, the official date for the cultural day holiday the celebration lasted all day long. Highlights of the day were the many performances by young people enrolled in the Early Childhood Education programs throughout Pohnpei. They performed in the morning and older aged groups performed during the late afternoon.

Governor Ehsa said that this year the Pohnpei State Legislature designated only $1000 for the event and that the community itself had risen to the occasion making this year’s event one of the best attended and organized in several years.

Students from PICS High School also held their own cultural day activities at the Pohnpei Island Central School nahs. The day included a traditional sakau ceremony and performances by the students.

Unfortunately, Pohnpei’s Office of Social Affairs did not respond to our repeated requests over several days for more detailed information on any of the cultural day events.