January 13, 2014

By Embassy of Japan
The Kaselehlie Press

On December 26, 2013, the Government of Japan and the FSM Government held a signing ceremony at the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs for the Exchange of Notes for a Non-Project Grant Aid for the Provisions of Industrial Products. This is the second signing ceremony for the Exchange of Notes this year following the Project for the Improvement of Domestic Shipping Services granted to the FSM in August of this year. This project in the amount of two hundred million Japanese Yen will be utilized to purchase the industrial products manufactured by the disaster affected areas caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. This Non-Project Grant is intended to support and facilitate the FSM's efforts to improve its infrastructure and persevere towards boosting its economy. This ceremony marks the third Non-Project Grant Aid the FSM government receives from Japan.

In his remarks, Ambassador Suzuki highlighted on the fact that this ceremony is unique as it marks the first-ever second Exchange of Notes within one-year. This event itself, he said, speaks of the continued fortification of the ties between the two governments.

On the receiving end, FSM Foreign Affairs Secretary Lorin Robert thanked the Government of Japan for their continuous support and friendship with the FSM and remarked that this signing ceremony is special as it resembles a continuation of the Holiday season with the receiving of the grant.

The Exchange of Notes took place at the Department of Foreign Affairs conference room with the attendance of The Honorable Lorin Robert, Japan Ambassador to the FSM Eiichi Suzuki, and staffs from Department of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Japan.