June 16, 2014

By Johnson Sepeti, Mwoakilloa Chief Magistrate
The Kaselehlie Press

The Mwoakilloa community of Pohnpei gathered at the Mwoakilloa local government house in Nan Pepper, Kolonia on the morning of June 5, 2014 for their annual Constitution Day holiday. Among those present were senior citizens of the Mwaokilloa community of Pohnpei, church leaders, local government officials and several members of the Mwoakilloa Island 1986 constitution convention and Mwoakilloa, Pohnpei state legislature the Hon. Ishmeal Lebehn. The gathering was blessed with the presence of the First FSM Congress Speaker , the Hon. Bethwel Henry and the Hon. Akilino Susaiia, FSM ambassador to China.

Though the holiday was festive in nature, the mood was solemn, overshadowed by the recent passing of the President of the Mwoakilloa Island Constitution Convention, and former Mwoakilloa municipality Legislature representative, the late Hon. Sailas Henry.

The program for the day commenced with a welcome message from Mr. Johnson Sepeti,the Chief Magistrate Representative of Mwoakilloa. As is the standard and tradition of the Mwoakilloa Constitution Day Holiday program activities, a pledge of allegiance symbolized by the recital of the Mwoakilloa anthem and honoring of the Mwoakilloa municipal flag is observed by all present. The program then proceeded with the main event of the day with a reading of the preamble of the Mwoakilloa constitution by Mr. Maskie Jim, a member of the delegation of the constitution convention of Mwoakilloa, followed by a moment of silent prayer for all the late members of the constitution convention and a recapitulation of the constitution and making of the constitution by the honorary guest of the day the Hon. Bethwel Henry.

In his speech, Mr. Henry expressed his sympathy and condolences to the family of the President of the Mwoakilloa constitution convention the Late Mr. Sailas Henry. Mr.

Henry then reiterated the importance of having a constitution in place to guide the government of Mwoakilloa in the execution of its mandate to the people of Mwoakilloa. Mr. Henry stressed the significance of the constitution as a document declaring the innate rights of the people of Mwoakilloa and their sovereignty of their island of Mwoakilloa. He pointed out that the members of the constitution convention as reflected in the document letterhead was representative of all the valued institutions within the society of Mwoakilloa. He then commended that the drafting of the constitution was a family affair so to speak, and proceeded to deconstruct the composition of members of the constitution convention by familial ties, this was one of the reasons why he believed there was not much dissent and opposition in the making of the Mwoakilloa Island constitution. He concluded his speech by reciting again for all, the key guiding principles of the constitution of Mwoakilloa; "koapwoarmen ioar jang ipasai armaj,oang kisai armaj,pwa kisai armaj." (government from the people,for the people, of the people)

In his closing remaks Chief Rep. Mr. Sepeti thanked all who gathered to honor this importand commemorative event and reminded all to muster up emotional and all else support for young men and women of Mwoakilloa who will be participating in the upcoming Micro Games. A potluck lunch of famous Mwoakillese dishes was enjoyed by all, along with the traditional memento gift of bath soap and laundry powder soap .