March 10, 2014

By Rainer Jimmy
IFCP Board Member

The Kaselehlie Press

Island Food Community of Pohnpei is impressed with many communities who have chosen to Go Local! for their gatherings, meetings and celebrations. One such community is Sapwohn village in Sokehs.

On January 25, 2014, Kousapw Sapwohn hosted a meeting for the Pwihn in Wahu nan Wein Sokehs. Traditional title holders from the lines of Oleiso, Serihso, Samworou and the Soumwas were in attendance. Nahnpwutak Pikeniap, Wasalapalap Nanmwarki of Sokehs and Iso Nahnken of Sokehs were also at the meeting.

Since the meeting was held over the lunch hour, the community decided to keep their commitment for GOING LOCAL by serving local food in local baskets (pwaht) and by not providing imported soda drinks.

The most impressive aspect that came from this decision was the fact that there were no soda cans, foam cups, plates or other imported rubbish left behind after the meeting finished. Everyone was happy that no clean up was necessary because most of the items used were local. This is a lesson that the community people will repeat in their future gatherings.

IFCP would be happy to hear about any other communities' efforts to Go Local! Contact us on 320-3259 or