March 24, 2014

By April Turner, Island Food Community of Pohnpei
The Kaselehlie Press

Island Food Community of Pohnpei has been delivering a series of fun lessons on local food benefits with preschool students at United Church of Christ Preschool (UCCP) in Kolonia.

The lessons have been targeted to the learning styles of young children by including games, animation stories and lots of movement. The 3-5 year old children enjoyed playing games to identify which foods are local and which have been brought by ship from far, far away and guessing the type by listening and feeling the food items.The children particularly enjoyed the animation story about the CHEEF benefits of local food that was published by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and IFCP for the Early Childhood Education department.

It was fun for the children as we acted out feelings when we eat local foods and when we eat imported, processed foods. Strong muscles and happy faces when we Go Local and sad, sick, tired bodies when we only eat packaged foods. Fun was certainly had by all whilst an important message was being delivered.

Educational materials for lessons on local food can be borrowed or copied. Please contact IFCP for more information 320-3259 or email communitydevelopment@islandfood.org. Our website www.islandfood.org can also be used for educational purposes.