March 24, 2014

By Chuuk Women's Council
The Kaselehlie Press

On Wednesday, March 5th, the Chuuk Women's Council (CWC) kicked off the celebration for the 2014 International Women's Day by collaborating with the Chuuk Public Health Services Staff to provide the Women's Health Clinic at the SMPoll Memorial Center & Wellness Facility.

The schedule started at 9:00am when the GYN Clinic opened at the CWC and with Ms. Eleanor Setik and her team assisting 23 women. Other activities included an interviewed booth, counseling, blood screening plus full breast exam, pap smear and treatment for the women. Women in line to see physicians and nurses enjoyed DVD educational programs about health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle while waiting their turn in the CWC conference room.

Thursday, March 6th, was set aside for the NCD team to do their physical screening and to promote healthy nutrition. The conference room was used for a cooking demonstration conducted by Chuuk Hospital Nutritionist Ms. Elvira Mejia. The dish that was prepared and cooked for participants to enjoy was beef sautéed in local mixed vegetables. This demonstration was an excellent opportunity for the women to learn how to use some of our local vegetables in their cooking.

On Friday, March 7th , a workshop on Primary Health Care and Maternal Child Health, which was spearheaded by Dr. Rita Mori, Ms. Enrieta Pillias and Ms. Eleanor Setik. About 70 women, young girls, and 40 children participated in the three days of activities associated with this International Women's Day. Many of the adults brought their children who received Vitamin A and Vermox pills.

Saturday, March 8th, which is the official International Women's Day (IWD), was a full day of celebration and our activities highlighted this year's UN theme:

"Equality for Women means progress for all" (translated: "Anonopoku fefiin, ina fefitan meinisin"). This year's celebration took place at the Mwan Elementary School and with over two (200) women and children showing up to enjoyed the activities and a beautiful sunny day.

CWC's invitation focused on bringing all the wives of the Traditional, Government, and Municipal Leaders together and be part of this International Women's Day celebration. We felt it important to recognize these lovely and humble ladies for their key roles in supporting their husband's leadership role in our communities.

CWC President Kiki Stinnett spoke and sincerely thanked everyone for participating and congratulated all the women who joined the CWC and other the women around the world in celebrating IWD. She explained the importance of this year's theme and encouraged the women and youth to be more involved and engaged in all aspects of their families, church, community and our government. She noted that each one of us have special talents and skills that God has entrusted to us to use these talents and skills to make positive changes in their lives. And, all were encouraged to be leaders in their own families, church, community and our government.

Our traditional roles are very important and we need to be effective leaders, we need to stay healthy and practice healthy lifestyles and if believed necessary, get check at the hospital or at the SMPoll Center. Whatever your talents, let them be used to glorify God.

Chuuk State First Lady Bersita Elimo, our keynote speaker, gave a thought provoking and encouraging speech to the Chuukese women in attendance on this great day. She echoed the importance of women's roles and using our talents wisely because our family and community need what we have to offer. First Lady Bersita highlighted bible verses from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 on what Love is and when a women practices and behaves in loving ways the feeling of love follows and is reflected in the love and care for others and her community.

The First Lady is an educator and a mother, and stressed how important it is to help, engaged, and participate in our children's school activities. We have a responsibility to be proactive and involved in our children's learning and as parents we have the right and responsibility to know how our children are doing in school and how the teachers and principals are helping our children learn. So, let's get to work and get involved in every level and aspect of our family, church, community and government. First Lady Elimo closed saying that all she shared is only possible if we allow Jesus Christ to be our guide and we need to show God's Love in all we do. The crowd cheered for First Lady Bersita to show their appreciation for her encouraging words of advice and support. CWC Board Co-Chair, Ms. Eleanor Setik, closed the morning ceremony of this special day by thanking our First Lady for her commitment to her role and to Governor Elimo for their support of the CWC efforts in working together to make a healthier and safer Chuuk for everyone.

The second half of the program celebration was entertainment and fun through dancing, skits, and lots action songs with perfume being sprayed on everyone and candies flying. All participants were served a delicious plate lunch and ate while enjoying the different groups that performed. Awards were given to every team that performed with the most treasured give-a-ways being water coolers, ice-chest, and sacks of rice.

Special acknowledgement and Kinisou Chapur was expressed to all the individuals, local business and most especially our FSM Congressman at Large, Wesley Simina that contributed to the success of the event.