Due to reasons beyond the control of the FSM Telecommunications Corporation, the FSMTC would like to inform its valued customers that the submarine fiber optic cable will be taken out of operation beginning October 29, 2016 to November 06, 2016.

A power anomaly was discovered on the cable by Truestone, the company responsible for the overall operations and maintenance of the submarine fiber optic cable at a location approximately 18 KM from Kwajalein. This anomaly will necessitate an emergency repair of the cable during the dates mentioned above.

Services that will be affected include internet and certain TV channels that are streamed over the internet.

The FSMTC is taking all mitigation measures to lessen the impact on services to its valued customers and will shift all connectivity to satellite. The public will experience slower than usual internet and possibly voice quality degradation.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause and kindly ask that during this period, customers be considerate and minimize their internet usage to the bare essentials, such as email and messaging, and avoid streaming videos which will further degrade your internet experience.

An updated notice will be disseminated to the public when the repair is completed and services restored.

Kindly direct your questions or concerns to your nearest FSMTC office or to customerservice@fsmtc.fm.