November 07, 2007

Palikir, POHNPEI (Office of the President): November 7, 2007 - President Emanuel Mori this week has sent some of his nominations to Congress for the latter's consideration during its November 14th Third Special Session.

In addition to his nominations for the various national boards and commissions, President Mori on Tuesday, November 6th, submitted two cabinet nominations and two ambassadorial nominations. The President's cabinet nominations were: Mr. Steven George for Secretary of the Department of Resources and Development and Mr. Maketo Robert for the Department of Justice.

Mr. George is currently the Director of Resources and Development for Kosrae State, and Mr. Maketo Robert is an attorney in private practice in Chuuk.

The nominations for the ambassadorial posts were: Mr. Sabino Asor as the new FSM Ambassador to the Untied States and Mr. Samson Pretrick as the new FSM Ambassador to Fiji. Mr. Asor is the President's current Chief of Staff, and Mr. Pretrick is the current FSM Consul General in Guam.

On Wednesday, November 7th, President Mori also sent to Congress the name of Ms Vita Akapito Skilling to be the Secretary for the Department of Health and Social Affairs, and Mr. Junior Nomau to be the next FSM Postmaster General. Ms Skilling is currently a physician with the Kosrae State Public Health. Mr. Nomau is a former employee of the FSM Postal Service in Chuuk State and a former member of the Chuuk State Legislature.

In his submittal letter of November 6th to Speaker Isaac Figir, President Mori explained some of his choices of nominations, saying in part:

"[...] I want to make two points to help the Congress' consideration [...]"

First, the list of nominations submitted today is still incomplete. The search for nominees for some of the offices and cabinet positions is ongoing. Part of the reason for my exhausting, drawn out nomination search is the policy considerations involved in selecting nominees to the different offices and positions. As Head of the Executive Branch, I want to place the right people in key positions who will have no problem understanding my management philosophy and implementing my Administration's policy objectives. As you know, our separate branches are provided their constitutional prerogatives to choose the people we believe will serve our respective branches' policy objectives and development priorities well.

Second, I want the Congress and the public to understand that my nomination choices are also a part of my vision for reorganizing and reforming the government. As such, I need to prudently assess the merits of each nomination in light of the past record and performances of each office and the need to reform those offices and programs. Some of the reform measures will necessitate reorganizing and reshuffling both the appointed heads of offices and non-appointive office staff members, whether they involver our overseas offices or regular cabinet positions, so as to infuse new mentality and energy as well as restoring credibility and efficiency to those offices."