Connect to mobile customers outside of FSM via international short message services (SMS). All FSMTC mobile customers can now send and receive SMS to an international destination that is open to FSMTC network. A table for a list of countries which you can send and receive text messages will be available from www.telecom.fm. Send a quick text to eligible mobile customers around the world and you will be instantly connected. SMS setup is as simple as placing an international voice call directly from any mobile phone in FSM. For example, send a text to Hawaii, USA must enter +1808 and mobile number. Or you can use 0111808 and mobile number. Price for international SMS Monday to Friday 6 am to 6 pm 30 cents per successful SMS; 6 pm to 6 am 25 cents; all day weekends 20 cents per SMS. Receiving SMS from outside of FSM is FREE.


Send and receive SMS text messages from a web browser from anywhere in the world to any FSMTC mobile customer. Getting connected to FSMTC mobile customers is as easy as visiting our 2-Way WebSMS website www.websms.fm and register for a FREE WebSMS user account. Once you have created a user account, you are open to send text messages to any FSMTC mobile customer in FSM. The best part, the FSMTC mobile customer can reply to the WebSMS directly from the mobile phone. The service is FREE for the WebSMS user and only 4 cents for the FSMTC mobile customer to reply or send to a WebSMS user. FSMTC mobile customer can save the WebSMS user account on their phone and send SMS anytime. The WebSMS service will hold any text messages in the inbox for up to 5 days.